Joanne Palulian ‘87


Night Eye (Caris Reid, 2014)

The Fisherman’s Pullover by American Apparel

inside the shell shop in FL

Glow x

Adam Barker-Mill

i don’t understand why it is so difficult for people to be good. all it takes is some thought. place yourself into the position of the other person and realize they are just like you. we are all striving for the same common goals; stability, relation, happiness, etc. we all just want to find our own piece of mind!! don’t be a dick!!!! smile at strangers bc if someone smiled at you, you’d be glad. spread love, share warmth, and support those who need it. life is something beautiful we have been blessed with so spend all your time wisely. spreading happiness is so much easier than trying to find it alone. if we all help each other it makes the process quicker. i wish i could scream at the world sometimes and tell everyone to be the best that they can be!!! you are living right now!!!! this is it!! this is all you’ve got! this is life! for those that believe in something after, there may or may not be anything so just make good choices with what you’ve got right now. i get so frustrated when some people don’t understand this. look after each other. don’t harm others despite whatever they have done bc that doesn’t solve a thing. it just leads to more violence and hardship. why am i getting so frusttrated!!!! i feel that this is something so simple. why isn’t it like that for others? alright just be good ok


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